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We welcome feedback on our services.
Please use this form for your compliments, constructive criticism and suggestions. We cannot guarantee to respond directly to individual items of feedback but they are all noted and discussed and we do continually use your ideas to improve our service. We also get a lot of motivation from your compliments, so if you feel moved to say something positive about us please do.

If you wish to complain please either email your complaint to or write to the surgery ‘for the attention of the Practice Manager’. You can also ask for a Complaint Form at Reception. It is helpful to receive complaints in writing, but verbal feedback is also welcome: please phone or come to Reception and ask to speak to the Practice Manager.

We know that things sometimes go wrong. If this happens we want to know about it so we can understand it, learn from it and say sorry. We learn a lot from the complaints we receive.
All complaints are handled by our Complaints Team led by our Medical Director, and are acknowledged within 72h of receipt. We aim to provide a response within 28 days of receiving a complaint. Sometimes, however, it takes longer to investigate matters fully. For example this can happen if a lot of team members are involved or if we arrange a meeting with you to talk things through. If it is going to take longer to give you our final response we will keep you informed about the expected timescale.
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